kernel memory checks on boot vs. boot time

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Mar 23 22:51:43 UTC 2011

on 23/03/2011 22:50 Oliver Fromme said the following:
> Beware, I don't know if this is the *only* thing preventing
> boot2 from booting an amd64 kernel.  There might be more.
> I haven't tried booting FreeBSD without the boot loader in
> a long time.  Probably not in this century.

Kind of hijacking the thread - while we are gradually moving from mbr+bsdlabel
to gpt and more, we are also moving from away from size-constrained boot2.
My vision is that boot2 and loader should fuse into something more powerful that
would reside in a boot partition, but with its config files on a "regular"

Andriy Gapon

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