kernel memory checks on boot vs. boot time

Andriy Gapon avg at
Wed Mar 23 18:49:03 UTC 2011

on 23/03/2011 20:26 John Baldwin said the following:
> I think that doing *real* memory checks isn't really the role of our kernel.  
> Better effort would be spent on improving memtest86 since it is already trying 
> to solve this problem.  Something that would be nice would be a way to invoke
> memtest86 from the loader.

Just a note that with sysutils/memtest86+ port you can already do that.
But of course the utility is not headless and lacks the advanced functionality
that you describe below.

>  Assuming you could pass arguments (such as a time
> limit) to the memtest "kernel", then you could install memtest to 
> /boot/memtest and do something like 'nextboot -k memtest -o "-t 120"' to run 
> memtest for 2 hours on the next boot then reboot back into the stock OS after 
> it finishes, etc.

Andriy Gapon

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