Schedule for releases

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Sat Dec 25 19:17:48 UTC 2010

Hi Mike,

Den 22/12/2010 kl. 18.45 skrev Mike Karels:

> - Those of us doing backports could probably do a better job of
> sharing the results.  On the other hand, I'm generally backporting
> to a specific release (currently 6.3 or 7.2) rather than -stable,
> and we're testing our software rather than FreeBSD.

Thanks for taking the time to write your comments. What strikes me is that we may have lots of non-FreeBSD developers working to backport stuff in their own private trees. Possibly a lot of redundant work is being done.

Even though you're backporting to a specific release, and even though you're only testing the work via your own software, would it not help others and possibly even yourself if this FreeBSD-specific work lands in the FreeBSD repository instead of your private tree? In my view you're just as much a FreeBSD developer as people with commit access that are scratching their own itches in CURRENT.


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