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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sat Dec 25 11:50:22 UTC 2010

For interest: An presentation recently said support for major
releases is typically 13/14 years I recall. They have different
business environment though. I'm not suggesting FreeBSD should do similar.

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> For me, personally, one significant problem is that I don't
> have the resources to easily run several versions of FreeBSD
> at home.
> I have a stable/8 installation, but I can't easily install
> another one (i.e. stable/7) at the same time, which would
> be required for testing and support.  Well, I could set up
> a dual-boot environment somehow with a second disk, but
> that's time-consuming and annoying.

Repartitioning is too tedious, so for last few few years 
I've been sacrificing maybe 7% of new disc space:

I install with an MBR of 3 slices of eg 15 Gig + 4th slice of
common space, eg 430 Gig).  S1 installed with binaries, S4 with
common data eg /usr/cvs & current ports etc.  Later S2 & S3 get
installed with newer BSD versions.

Useful if some ports won't build during upgrade, & for recovery.
I've not tried virtualbox with other slices yet, which would save
reboot time, & avoid closing other processes eg X server & apps.

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