Schedule for releases

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Wed Dec 22 14:55:40 UTC 2010

Den 22/12/2010 kl. 15.34 skrev Oliver Fromme:

> Erik Cederstrand wrote:
>> Den 22/12/2010 kl. 09.52 skrev Oliver Fromme:
>>> For me, personally, one significant problem is that I don't
>>> have the resources to easily run several versions of FreeBSD
>>> at home.
>> Wouldn't a jail be sufficient for work that stays in userland?
>> For kernel work, I think a virtual machine would be much easier
>> than dual-boot.
> Well, it depends.  In this thread, device drivers were
> mentioned in particular.  You can't test those in jails
> or in virtual machines.

You have a point there. Hardware vendors should start offering virtual hardware. At a discount, of course :-)


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