Trimming the default /boot/device.hints

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Mon Jan 26 14:02:42 PST 2009

* John Baldwin <jhb at> [090126 13:57] wrote:
> On Monday 26 January 2009 3:38:24 pm Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> > There's no way to conditionally include them based on if
> > ISA is present?
> No, but I dare you to show me a box with ISA expansion slots that you plan to 
> run 8.0 on. :)  Or rather, I dare you to show me _enough_ of said boxes to 
> where removing these hints from the default set will inconvenience more users 
> than the folks having their ethernet come up as le1 in vmware guests. :)

I agree with you, I was just wondering if it was just a matter of
a few lines of code somehow so that some enthusiast who wants to play
with FreeBSD on some old piece of junk doesn't get some cryptic
error that sort of reduces them to "toggling in load.conf tunables
at the console". :)

no big deal.

- Alfred Perlstein

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