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Wed Jan 21 05:00:23 PST 2009

Dear Pavan,

On Wed, January 21, 2009 8:03 am, pavan kosuru wrote:
> Hi ,
>  I am trying to send SMTP mail using the mail() function in php but unable
> send to the destination I intended to. I wanted send mail using the php
> script which is running fine in one server but not in my localmachine.In
> my
> local machine it just returning the succes code and I m not receving any
> mails. I configured the sendmail as well as postfix. Some one help me
>   ------        Pavan ...

Thank you for your interest in the FreeBSD Operating System. FreeBSD is an
open source BSD licensed operating system which can be extended by third
party tools. One of these tools is the PHP application set. We can try to
give you support for FreeBSD as much as possible within our volunteer time
and technical knowledge, that is the operating system. It is much harder
for us to support you with "PHP" kind of problems, since that is not
within our scope.

PHP Mail() functionality uses /usr/sbin/sendmail as far as i can remember,
which might require a running sendmail version. Can you please check with
``ps auxww | grep sendmail'' whether sendmail is being listed in the
process list?

One simple thing to know whether the sendmail application works or not, is
by seeing if you get daily periodic emails from the system maintenance
scripts. If that is being received, I suggest that you look at the mail()
documentation from PHP and potentially set the correct parameters. Also
note that php.ini has some mentionings of where and how mail should be

Also note that the -arch list is not for questions like these, questions
like this, if applicable should be send to the questions at

Again thanks for your interest in FreeBSD and the willingness to share

Best Regards,

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