stress2 is now in projects

Peter Holm pho at
Sun Jan 18 00:48:29 PST 2009

The Kernel Stress Test Suite (stress2) is now in svn:

The purpose of the test suite is to expose design and implementation
problems in the kernel, which may lead to panics or deadlocks.

The key functionality of this test suite is that it runs a random
number of test programs for a random period, in random incarnations
and in random sequence. This very simple idea is implemented in the
"run" test program, which controls the behavior of all the other
test programs.

To simplify writing test programs, a test harness is implemented
as a library that handles running the test programs.  All the creator
of new test programs has to implement are three procedures: setup(),
cleanup() and test().

Usage should be straight forward:

cd projects/stress2
sh ./

The "" script accepts an optional configuration file in order to test specific areas.
For example:


More details in projects/stress2/README.
Documentation may be found in projects/stress2/doc.

Please have me in mind when you find a problem that can panic the
kernel, as I collect regression test scenarios in projects/stress2/misc.

- Peter

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