smb(4): address format

Stefan Bethke stb at
Tue Jan 13 23:43:09 PST 2009

Am 13.01.2009 um 13:43 schrieb Andriy Gapon:

> So, in practice, there two conventions of specifying a slave address:
> either as 0XXXXXXXb or XXXXXXX0b.

Device datasheets generally specify the hard-wired or configurable  
address as a bit string, with a slight preference to format that as  
bbbb bbb.

> In wider world 0XXXXXXXb format seems to be preferred, Linux also  
> sticks
> to it.

I personally find having the address right-aligned a sensible choice.   
I think of the address as logical unit, and normally would rather have  
the SMBus bit banging abstracted away by the driver/hardware.

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