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Tue Dec 8 22:58:01 UTC 2009

Roger Agraviador wrote:
> Hi!
> I am quite new to BSD (Open source OS'es in general)

This arch@ list is for complex advanced questions, so please send
future simple beginner questions to questions at

> and would like to  
> try the 7.2 release,

8.0 is out now too, if you'r feeling adventurous.

> If I where to purchase a copy would it be  
> possible to use it in several computers with different processors?  

The DVDs that offer free for download are for one CPU only.
(though both i386 & amd64 DVDs & CDs will run on amd64 CPU).

> Since I am planning to make a computer with an AMD Athlon II 64, and  
> If I am happy with it, i'd like to share it with my relatives and  
> friends if that is possible or would sharing violate any legal rights  
> and licenses?

FreeBSD would like you to give FreeBSD free to lots of people :-)

You can download the generic FreeBSD DVDs, burn them, copy them,
sell them even. Read the 6K Coyright in /usr/src/COPYRIGHT
which one might summarise crudely as:
	"Do what you want, but don't blame us" :-) also lists some commercial vendors of DVDs,
  If you choose to buy those discs rather than download & burn the
  free ones direct from http://www.freebsd.orgm then an additional
  agregation copyright may apply from the agregator firm, in which
  case for those, you may not be entitled to make copies of the DVD
  image, but are entitled to make unlimited copies of source code
  from FreeBSD.

The individual extra 20,918 ported packages have a myriad
of different licences, depending which ones you want to add.

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