ifconfig(8) refactoring -- YACC grammar now online

Andre Oppermann andre at freebsd.org
Sun Nov 30 15:29:10 PST 2003

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, Bruce M Simpson wrote:
> > I have to find an abstraction to comfortably deal with this stacking of
> > properties/methods, simple polymorphism (a la Java 'implements
> > interface')  springs to mind.
> I think that would be a reasonable approach, although it seems to me that
> both the "inheritance" and "implements" models might apply in looking at
> sets of protocol relationships.  a tap interface is a synthetic interface,
> it implements synthetic interface controls, as well as implementing 802.
> However, it might be neat to hook up 802.11 to a tap-like interface
> sometime as well.  Question: does 802.11 imply 802?  If so, a notion of
> inheritence might be quite useful for driver implementors.

Yes, 802.11 implies 802.  You can get a nice overview of ieee802 and
its subclasses and media-types here:


You've got the ieee802 base framework, the ieee802.1 bridging and
management, the ieee802.2 logical link control and the various MAC
and PHY types in 802.3 to 802.16 (with the exception of 802.10 which
is an encryption layer for all 802 media).

The most known and important of the 802.1 generic classes are 802.1d
for bridging, 802.1q for virtual LAN's and 802.1X for port based access
control.  Those apply to all 802 subclasses be it Ethernet (802.3)
or Wireless LAN (802.11).


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