adding crypto support to GENERIC

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at
Wed Nov 19 15:49:59 PST 2003

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 19:52:18 +0100
Eric Masson <e-masson at> wrote:

> >>>>> "Wilko" == Wilko Bulte <wkb at> writes:
>  >> Are there any of those left ?
>  Wilko> France ?
> Use of cryptographic devices seems to spread quickly these days in
> France, Laws have been seriously softened in this area, but I don't
> know for sure actual status.

If my memory serves me right, you can't use a key stronger than 128 bits
except for software and uses authorized by the DCSSI. OpenSSL and GnuPG are
authorized (thanks to France FSF):

OpenSSL > 0.9.6d => SSH, SSL, SSH/SSL encryption
GunPG > 1.0.7 => file/communication signature and encryption

Are exempt from authorization: 
- Customised smart cards 
- Television reception equipment for the general public 
- Hardware or software means specially designed to protect software against copies or illegal use 
- cryptology equipment used in bank transactions
- Portable or mobile radio telephones for civil applications 
- Cell phone radiocommunication base stations
- Cryptology equipment accompanying foreign dignitaries when officially invited by the State.




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