64-bit time_t on sparc64, epilogue(?)

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Fri Nov 14 23:12:05 PST 2003

At 11:35 PM -0700 11/14/03, Scott Long wrote:
>Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>Recently on the freebsd-sparc64 list, it was mentioned
>>that it would be nice to upgrade time_t on that port to
>>be 64-bit.
             [...mumble mumble...]

>>So, I thought I'd explicitly say that I don't think we
>>should make the change this late in the game..
>Switching to 64-bit time_t this late in the 5.2 cycle will
>likely cause more excitement than we can handle.  ...
>...Why don't we put this on the TODO list for 5.3, and
>plan to do it in early January, assuming that Jake and
>Thomas are ok with it.

Personally I am inclined to think that we have to stop
making ABI/API changes to 5.x or we will never ever get
to "5.x-stable".  It would be nice if 5.2 were the last
set of API/ABI changes, so that people who install it can
at least have a painless upgrade to 5.3-release (which
will hopefully be 5.x-stable).

However, I really would like to see the 64-bit time_t
happen, and I'm certainly willing to help out (as time
permits) if we were to make this change on sparc64 in
early January.  I'll even start testing such changes on
my own sparc64 system during the code-freeze for 5.2.

[however, it takes about 11 hours for build/installworld
on my system, so there's a limit to how much I can test!]

Certainly it's more important to get make-release and
kse-for-sparc64 working for 5.2-release than it is to
make this time_t change.

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