Jacques Vidrine nectar at freebsd.org
Fri Nov 14 20:57:56 PST 2003

Bruce Evans said the following on 11/14/03 6:54 PM:

> I prefer the cast.  

Actually, so do I :-)  MIN/MAX values won't work for removing some (IMHO
stupid) warnings emitted by GCC.  So this kind of thing OK?

   long n;
   time_t t;
   errno = 0;
   n = strtoul(...);
   if (errno == ERANGE || (long)(t = n) != n)
      /* out of range */;

> It doesn't require nonstandard infrastructure that
> would need to be maintained forever, and works even better for floating
> point too (assuming a C99 compiler, but not in reality in FreeBSD :)
> (min/max checks don't work right for floating point because precision
> may be just as important as range).

Good points, thank you.  Cheers,
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