__VA_ARGS__izing IEEE80211_DPRINTF[2]()

Brian Fundakowski Feldman green at FreeBSD.org
Wed Nov 5 10:04:46 PST 2003

Would it be a problem to make the following change to src/sys/net80211 so 
that the debug messages aren't totally useless for systems that have more 
than one card (or confusing on systems that just have one)?  Obviously, it 
would also involve removing the extra parentheses in each of the callers as 

#define IEEE80211_DPRINTF(X)    if (ieee80211_debug) printf X
#define IEEE80211_DPRINTF2(X)   if (ieee80211_debug>1) printf X

#define	IEEE80211_DPRINTF(...)	do {						\
	if (ieee80211_debug)							\
		if_printf(&ic->ic_ifp, __VA_ARGS__);				\
while (0)

The only place this wouldn't work is ieee80211_decap(), so I'd change it to
add a local "ic" variable when compiled for debugging.  There's an easy 
fallback for non-C99 compilers, too; it just wouldn't print the interface:

static __inline void
IEEE80211_DPRINTF(const char *fmt, ...)

	if (ieee80211_debug) {
		va_list ap;

		va_start(ap, fmt);
		(void)vprintf(fmt, ap);

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