[Bug 254752] www/apache24: event_mpm requires PHP ZTS which conflicts with DEBUG

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Mon Apr 5 16:03:55 UTC 2021


--- Comment #5 from Danny McGrath <danmcgrath.ca at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Bill Sorenson from comment #4)
Thanks for the URL!

On the topic of event MPM and PHP, I understand the reasoning, which is exactly
where we are right now: we have a bug somewhere in the PHP pipeline causing
segmentation faults, php heap corruption, etc., as well as the possibility of
knocking out the web server in addition to the interpreter.

While changing to php-fpm isn't off the table entirely, it appears that the
underlying that I face is the inability to even debug the problem, which chat
and logs suggest that spending a bunch of time trying php-fpm likely wont solve
either since it crashes the interpreter.

What I really need is to be able to build a DEBUG build :) If there is anything
you can think of, or need from me, just give me a shout! In the meantime, some
cron'd graceful restarts seem to at least keep the problem at bay long enough
for the bug reports to start getting the ball rolling.

Thanks btw!

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