[Bug 254752] www/apache24: event_mpm requires PHP ZTS which conflicts with DEBUG

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Sun Apr 4 15:07:10 UTC 2021


--- Comment #3 from Danny McGrath <danmcgrath.ca at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Bill Sorenson from comment #1)
Ya, we've been using it for almost a decade now, give or take. It's worked
well! Funny enough, this almost exact same problem (wasn't about DEBUG,
specifically) happened around ~5 years ago I think?

The last time, it also was confusing and a headache to get sorted out and get
to the bottom of the problem to find out it was this extra "-zts" path problem
and dependency stuff.

As for "correct", I would say it's more just different. Despite the performance
hit, which for us is negligible, I much like the app managed file overrides,
tbh. But one of the PHP folks was mentioning that ZFS shouldn't even be a
problem with mod_php since it's a forked process itself, and does it's own
threading, as I understand what they were describing.

Either way, it's not fun when bugs like this creep up! :)

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