maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 254752] www/apache24: event_mpm requires PHP ZTS which conflicts with DEBUG

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Sat Apr 3 22:16:05 UTC 2021

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Bug 254752: www/apache24: event_mpm requires PHP ZTS which conflicts with DEBUG

--- Description ---

I was debug a PHP74 problem that appears to be constantly crashing our web
server with zend_mm_heap corrupted, seg fault (11) and bus error (10) problems.

The problem is that we are configured for event_mpm and PHP with ZTS, but ZTS
and DEBUG do not play nicely together. On top of this, unless we reconfigure
the system to pre-fork, Apache does not appear to let us compile without ZTS,
and disabling ZTS breaks compilation of a whole bunch of php-extensions when
combined with DEBUG.

While PHP is not necessarily your concern, I am trying to find out if we really
need to be using ZTS when using event_mpm. One person in the PHP I was speaking
too was actually baffled as to why I ever had ZTS enabled in the first place,
until I tried to explain that I can't use event_mpm without it on FreeBSD.

Do you have any ideas as to if ZTS is absolutely needed for event mpm? Worst
case I can try switch to pre-fork, but I would rather avoid it unless


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