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Galen T. Hieronymus
How He Passed On His Legendary Work...
hieronymus patent photo
To Tom Paladino!
Aside from explaining some interesting scalar events that occur in nature, scalar researcher, Tom Paladino, shares how
he was gifted a patented technology.

Hear all about it in the replay video below. You will note the scalar device used by Hieronymus and the details passed to Tom Paladino were patented in the U.S., Canada, and one other country. The work revolved around using photographs.

By using photographs from his lab in Georgia, Galen was able to detect subtle changes of the Apollo 11 astronauts while they were on the moon. His accuracy was uncanny.

Hieronymus also went on to nutrify agricultural soils while simultaneously destroying soil organisms that were harmful to crops.

He once again used photographs, this time of soil pathogens, with his COSMIC PIPE instrument. Using photographs of these soil pathogens he was able to break the soil pathogens apart, rendering them harmless. He did this at the molecular level, literally fragmenting these organisms.
It was the ultimate organic gardening solution
and continues to be in use today in European countries.

We included a replay below from one of our LIVE Q AND A's, Tom shares how he was gifted this patented technology which has now become the Scalar Light process.
The Scalar Light process also works with YOUR photograph.
Claim your  the 15-Day Trial below where you can upload your photo!

We challenge you to see what changes you
experience in just 15 days.

Go ahead, it's ok to be curious!

Live Q and A replay from 7-30-2020
Hear all the details of this incredible discovery.
In the words of Galen T. Hieronymus

The Science of Photographs and Your Light Signature

"The energy from a person can be conducted along light rays and light sensitive film and then again onto a print made from that film (photograph).

The print can be moved to any distance AWAY from the person, changing from moment to moment and acting as a perfect "reproduction" of the person."

It changes, from moment to moment, as the person changes!

Using this discovery has been a game-changer in the world of quantum technology.
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Each week Tom shares more fascinating research of the world around us. If you TRULY want to know the secrets of the universe. For dates and times, check the home page of our website for times, dates and link.

Interesting and engaging topics each week! Ask your questions LIVE.
May you be granted "stellar" health,

Tom Paladino

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**All scalar light sessions administer remotely by way of a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object.  Hence, the photograph of a person, animal, plant receives the scalar light transmission of quantum energy.  All Scalar Light action is exclusively upon the photograph of a person, animal, plant. We do not work directly with people, animals or plants.

Disclaimer: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific health claims for any product. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction of your health care practitioner. Your photos are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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