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Congratulations freebsd-apache at freebsd.org,

Congratulations to our 3 winners of the brand new Galaxy S20
(May-June 2020)

Leah Farber (London) | Gift sent on 27th May.
Klaus Eichelberger (Edinburgh) | Gift sent on 31st may.
Latest winner freebsd-apache at freebsd.org (UK) | This person
has not replied yet.

Please answer a few questions truthfully and receive your
smartphone within 72 hours.

ORDER HERE ( https://trq-erth.caar-international.com/ga/click/2-60837816-2495-25644-50186-49615-42d86bb1ea-944abb05eb )

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freebsd-apache at freebsd.org, UK

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ack er meget vigtig for os!

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