KUAMBA NUTS(KB26) Supplier Needed in India

Nina Marinich purchase at ulterraranches.com
Sun Sep 15 20:41:26 UTC 2019


This is to seek your attention to introduce you to a business I found viable in my office here in UK.  My name is Nina Marinich, A Ukraine citizen working here in Ulterra Equestrian Ltd. Bred Horse multi National Company UK, our company is in desperate need of a raw material called KUAMBA NUTS(KB26) which is usual plant and harvested locally in India, the first India supplier to the company is no longer in good business relationship with the company due to his high price that he normally quote and for that, the company has changed from buying this product from India and has shifted to another Australia supplier.
But somehow, I have gotten the contacts of the real farmer in India through some of his old bills, now I want to introduce my company to another supplier from India hence deeming it necessary in contacting you, if you don't mind, I will like you to pose as the real farmer, I will present you to the company as the farmer of the KUAMBA NUTS(KB26),
whereas on the other hand,I will give you the contact of the real farmer in India for you to contact and find out if they have products in stock, know their current prices of the KUAMBA NUTS(KB26) by 500grms as it use to be packed, then if you find out all these, I will then link you to the company MD Who will discuss price with you whereas I will be there to facilitate the approval in your name, this will not stop you from your original work place or business unless you feel otherwise.

What prompted my interest into this is because, I discovered from the aforementioned old supplier's bill that he do buy the KUAMBA NUTS(KB26) 500 grms pack locally at the rate of 2,960.00usd and he usually sell to our company at the rate of 6,900.00 usd, suddenly after a long while he changed his price to 7,500 before a colleague could discover the Australia suppliers now. But I am sure, if you can negotiate with the India local farmer at a cheaper rate, then we reduce the price to the company like 6200 or 6,500, definitely you will take over the market with ease and we will make profit.

My Interest.
Since I am sure it is going to work out well, I want to know what will you give me from every gain made on each supply if we conclude on that, we shall kick start by availing you with the contact of the local farmer and after wards when you confirms the availability then I will link you to boss as the step two. Let get started if you consider it worthy of doing.

Hope to hear from you soonest. Please reply me through ulterarranches at gmail.com

Best Regards,
Miss Nina Marinich
Head Of Purchasing Department.
Ulterra Equestrian Ltd.
Telephone: +44 (745) 2380106
E-Mail: ulterarranches at gmail.com

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