Francis Botha reply at
Fri Sep 13 22:24:12 UTC 2019

Hello there, I got your contact from an online directory and I 
have a proposition that may be of interest to you. I am a 
Personal Assiatnce to a former minister in the South African 
government cabinet. During my bosses time as a minister, he used 
his position as a minister to ammass to amass lots of wealth 
through kickbacks from deliberate overinvoicing of  oil and 
aviation contracts done through his ministry. He is currently 
being investigated by the Government and all his assets have been 
seized locally. He has also been restricted from traveling 

Fortunately for him, he has a high value financial asset in 
Europe that has not been seized yet and he wants this asset moved 
and secured ASAP. This asset is very safe at the moment as he did 
not declare it and he used a proxy to help him deposit the asset. 
Unfortunately, the proxy has passed away and my boss now needs 
the help of a foreigner that can help him secure this asset 
discretely and invest it in a stable business in their country. I 
am contacting you with the intention of collaborating with you on 
this project. Should you decide to help, you will be genrously 
compensated for your efforts. Please let me know if you are 
interested so that I can give you more details.



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