FreeBSD Port: www/apache24

Jonathan Gilpin jonathan at
Fri Oct 18 12:38:25 UTC 2019

Dear Sir,

I have am using the FreeBSD Apache 2.4 with Suexec Port to run PHP.

I have discovered that files uploaded in PHP using basic code are ending up owned by the group ‘wheel’ rather than the group specified in 

SuexecUserGroup "#3008" "#3010"

E.g. I end up with: 

-rw-r--r--   1 marsecreview  wheel         209166 Oct 18 13:12 Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 18.02.49.png

# id marsecreview
uid=3008(marsecreview) gid=3010(marsecreview) groups=3010(marsecreview)

This is a standard installation so Apache runs as www on FreeBSD:

id www
uid=80(www) gid=80(www) groups=80(www)

So I really do not understand where the ‘wheel’ group is coming into this..

entry from /etc/group is:


Is this a bug? 

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Gilpin

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