[Bug 236698] devel/apr1 apr_dbd_mysql-1.so:No such file or directory

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Thu Mar 21 13:20:32 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from White Lynx <lynx at lynx-texts.ru> ---
Maybe, some initial configuration state will help a bit?


[root at mail ~]# echo $USER

[root at mail ~]# chsh $USER

#Changing user information for toor.
Login: toor
Password: *
Uid [#]: 0
Gid [# or name]: 0
Change [month day year]:
Expire [month day year]:
Class: russian
Home directory: /root
Shell: /usr/local/bin/bash
Full Name: Bourne-again Superuser
Office Location:
Office Phone:
Home Phone:
Other information:

[root at mail ~]# cat /etc/make.conf
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= python=3.7 python3=3.7 python2=2.7 ssl=openssl mysql=10.3m

[root at mail ~]# pkg info
bash-5.0.3                     GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
bison-3.3.2,1                  Parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible
with Yacc
dialog4ports-0.1.6             Console Interface to configure ports
gettext-runtime-     GNU gettext runtime libraries and programs
gettext-tools-       GNU gettext development and translation tools
gmake-4.2.1_3                  GNU version of 'make' utility
help2man-1.47.9                Automatically generating simple manual pages
from program output
indexinfo-0.3.1                Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
libiconv-1.14_11               Character set conversion library
m4-1.4.18_1,1                  GNU M4
openssl-1.0.2r,1               SSL and crypto library
p5-Locale-gettext-1.07         Message handling functions
p5-Locale-libintl-1.31         Internationalization library for Perl
p5-Text-Unidecode-1.30         Text::Unidecode -- US-ASCII transliterations of
Unicode text
p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-1.40 East Asian Width properties
perl5-5.28.1_1                 Practical Extraction and Report Language
pkg-1.10.5_5                   Package manager
portmaster-3.19_18             Manage your ports without external databases or
texinfo-6.6,1                  Typeset documentation system with multiple
format output

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