[Bug 235173] www/apache24: mod_ssl.so: Can't locate structure ssl_module

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Thu Jan 24 14:21:12 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from theis at gmx.at ---
Another update:
In the build log I found some suspicious lines:
 eval: /usr/local/bin/nm: not found
They appear for some modules only, one of them my mod_ssl. I checked mod_https,
which I don't enable, and that was also missing the symbol http2_module.
After I copied /usr/bin/nm to /usr/local/bin/nm the build was OK and I could
use mod_ssl again.
So: why does the build look for nm in /usr/local/bin and not /usr/bin? 
And what does it need nm for?
And why won't it export the symbols if nm is missing?

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