Problem with apache-2.4.29 only for FreebSD 11.0

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Thu Nov 16 14:41:36 UTC 2017


Last night, we updated a bunch of machines from apache-2.4.27 -> apache-2.4.29. The target machines where a mix of FreeBSD 11.0 and 11.1. After the update, many of the webservers running FreeBSD 11.0 would stop answering requests, requiring a apachectl stop + start. After a while it would happen again. The problem showed up somewhat randomly but is clearly related to the load of incoming requests.

The FreeBSD-11.1 machines work flawlessly with the same latest version of apache.

We reverted back to apache 2.4.27 for all FreeBSD-11.0 servers, and the problem went away. Hence this is only a probvlem with the combination of FreeBSD 11.0 and apache-2.4.29.

An idea is that it is related to this bug: We've had intermittent problems with this

We use the MPM Event model for apache.

Did you get any other report about this?

Since we are migrating to 11.1 soon, this is not a big issue for us, but it is really a new thing, and a bit worrying, that it is a problem only for 11.0. What has changed?

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