apache24 dependency

Andre Rikkert de Koe - ARK-ICT andre at ark-ict.nl
Mon Jul 25 21:12:23 UTC 2016

Thanks for the apache24 port.

I think there is a dependency in apache24 for AUTHNZ_LDAP

AUTHNZ_LDAP : LDAP based authentication
LDAP: LDAP caching and connection pooling services

On my Freebsd 10.3 hosts, with AUTHNZ_LDAP only, apache24 did not 
startup and logs this error
/[Sun Jul 24 20:14:44.893535 2016] [authnz_ldap:error] [pid 80620] 
AH01749: Module mod_ldap missing. Mod_ldap (aka. util_ldap) must be 
loaded in order for mod_authnz_ldap to function properly//
Without LDAP, mod_ldap.so was not built.
Maybe the maintainer can built this dependency in the config dialog.


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