[Bug 210954] www/apache24: Fails to build with proxy options unset

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Sun Jul 10 06:47:21 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Olli Hauer <ohauer at FreeBSD.org> ---
Yes, some parts are tricky ...

Perhaps the following will help to understand what is happening.

By setting www_apache24_(UN)SET the OPTIONS are pre-configured for the OPTIONS
dialog, if a new OPTION is added to the port and 'make config' is not run the
default setting for that OPTION is used.

Since the new option is not saved down to the 
file the default setting is given to the logic of the port (in this case ON).

Using the ..._FORCE_(UN)SET can switch the option to ON or OFF regardless if
they are on or off in the dialog.

After the framework has processed and calculated if the OPTION is ON or OFF
Mk/bsd.apache.mk can calculate if the module should be build or not, in this
case it means build the module since it is ON.

I suspect there is a /var/ports/www_apache24/options file on your system, but
because of building -DBATCH no options dialog is presented and the framework is
taking the defaults for the new module

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