HTTP/2 support in Apache 2.4

Bernard Spil brnrd at
Tue Sep 1 18:28:27 UTC 2015


After koobs pointed out to me that my server didn't support HTTP/2 I 
decided to investigate what it'd take to implement.

In Apache httpd 2.5 the mod_h2 module has already been imported and it 
is also possible to build it with 2.4 so I decided to see if I could get 
this to work. I succeeded and ended up with a new mod_h2 port, a set of 
patches and some questions:
   1. What to name the port (www/mod_h2, www/mod_h2-devel?)
   2. Do we want/need to have this as a port
   3. How to manage the patch required for the apache24 port 
(extra-patch, ...)
   4. How to get this to the project (bugzilla? bugzilla?)

One snag already, php-session seems to fail. Other than that it seems to 
be fine with apache24-2.4.16_1 and libressl-2.2.3.

Any and all feedback is appreciated (even negative)

Kind regards,

Bernard Spil.

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