[Bug 198559] www/mod_auth_kerb2 causes apache to fail to start

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Mon Mar 16 23:27:43 UTC 2015


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Okay, so I've found the issue here, by looking back at old mailing list posts.

FreeBSD uses a somewhat modified heimdal kerberos in base.

Kerberos comes with a tool that tells compilers how to build kerberos-using
libraries and programs.  When FreeBSD modifies kerberos, they don't update the
tool correctly.

Ergo, the very simple one-line patch to this utility mentioned here in 2011,
fixes it:


So, on the solution -- It doesn't look like this was fixed in 8.x, at least
according to the dates on:


Another user was having problems on 9.x, as well, in bug 197482.

I guess the import of a newer kerberos for 10.x caused this to be corrected.

Further, on my 8.x machine, the official package for this port is also broken
in the exact same way -- this doesn't get caught because it's a runtime
failure, not a build-time one.

Whomever maintains this port should probably add ifdefines or whichever to get
around this, but the port *really should* be able to trust krb5-config.

The "workaround" is to manually patch krb5-config, build this pkg from ports,
and install it, then pkg lock it.  Then change krb5-config back.

-Dan Mahoney

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