ftasv and ScoreBoardFile on FreeBSD 10 with jails

Benjamin Connelly ben at electricembers.coop
Sat Feb 28 00:27:04 UTC 2015

We recently upgraded some FreeBSD 9.1 servers to FreeBSD 10.1 and found 
it broke the scoreboard viewing utility we were using, the "ftasv" port.

For that tool to work apache is supposed to be configured to use 'a 
"name based" shared memory segment' (from their README) by the directive

  ScoreBoardFile /var/run/apache_status

That used to (on 9.1) create that "file". Then we could execute 'ftasv 
/var/run/apache_status' to interpret that file, and see what requests 
apache was working to serve.

This even worked with many different apache instances running each in 
their own jail, where all the jails actually share the same basejail 
/usr/local/sbin/httpd binary. Inside each jail we could see just the 
requests that instance of apache was working on.

But after the FreeBSD upgrade to 10.1 we no longer see the apache_status 
file in the filesystem, and ftasv seems to actually report the most 
recent hits from the most recently restarted instance of apache, even if 
that's in another jail!? (On a system with no jails, it's not a problem, 
so I suppose I'll cross post to the freebsd-virtualization list too. . 

Has anybody else seen this behavior?


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