[Bug 191471] [patch] www/mod_perl2 does not build against apache24

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Sun Sep 21 04:28:11 UTC 2014


--- Comment #23 from kovert at omniscient.com ---
Once built, it seems to work fine on FreeBSD 10 STABLE/amd64 against:

apache24-2.4.10_1              Version 2.4.x of Apache web server
perl5-5.20.0_3                 Practical Extraction and Report Language

I did notice that when building it, Mk/bsd.apache.mk around line 281 has:

.if exists(${HTTPD})
_APACHE_VERSION!=       ${HTTPD} -V | ${SED} -ne 's/^Server version:
.elif defined(APACHE_PORT)

On a machine that would normally have mod_perl installed but does not because I
am rebuilding it, httpd fails to run due to configuration syntax errors and
thus the build fails.

A quick test shows that httpd -v will work regardless of if the server will
start, where -V requires it, so I would suggest switching to -v.  Please let me
know if that should be in another bugzilla ticket.


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