[Bug 187561] devel/subversion: bogus "No route to host" caused by www/serf

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Thu Oct 9 14:22:47 UTC 2014


--- Comment #6 from Lawrence Chen <beastie at tardisi.com> ---
At the present time, things are working for me due to two possible reasons.

I had first got things working again, by rebuilding 'devel/apr1' with IPV6
turned off.  As I recall, a number of services failed to start during a reboot
due to the lack of '::1'.

The second reason is I later installed ports bind on my home network, with the
FILTER_AAAA option enabled.  And, made use of that.   Since I didn't have this
problem at work, because this option is used on the DNS servers there.  At
work, IPV6 has been outlawed (and actively being blocked) on our network, and
other users were impacted by applications (such as chrome) that preferred IPV6
over IPV4.

Though I usually launch 'www/chromium' with the '--disable-ipv6' option ;)

Though someday I might get around to doing IPV6 on my home network...

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