USE_APACHE range broken?

David Siebörger drs at
Wed Oct 8 07:47:18 UTC 2014

Mk/ says that one can specify a range of Apache versions:

    #  USE_APACHE= 22-24    # specify [min]-[max] range

So far as I can see, security/shibboleth2-sp is the only port using that 
functionality.  However, it doesn't seem to work properly, specifically when 
I'm using Poudriere to build packages and still prefer Apache 2.2.

I've specified Apache 2.2 in make.conf:

    $ cat /etc/make.conf

And that does what I expect in other ports:

    $ grep USE_APACHE /usr/ports/lang/php5/Makefile
    USE_APACHE=     22+
    $ make -C /usr/ports/www/mod_php5 -V APACHE_VERSION

But it doesn't do what I expect in Shibboleth:

    $ grep USE_APACHE /usr/ports/security/shibboleth2-sp/Makefile
    USE_APACHE=     22-24
    $ make -C /usr/ports/security/shibboleth2-sp -V APACHE_VERSION

If I already have Apache 2.2 installed, then it works as I'd expect:

    $ sudo pkg install -qy apache22
    ===> Creating users and/or groups.
    Using existing group 'www'.
    Using existing user 'www'.
    $ make -C /usr/ports/security/shibboleth2-sp -V APACHE_VERSION

... but that doesn't help in Poudriere, which installs Apache 2.4 as a 
dependency before building Shibboleth.

Should the range functionality be fixed, or should shibboleth2-sp simply use 
USE_APACHE=22+ instead?

David Siebörger
drs at

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