How to specify that apache22-worker-mpm is used as default apache?

Łukasz Wąsikowski lukasz at
Thu Oct 2 13:24:03 UTC 2014

W dniu 2014-10-02 o 15:04, Rainer Duffner pisze:

> it seems that
> APACHE_PORT=www/apache22-worker-mpm
> has stopped working.
> still states that you can use it to specify the default
> - but it does not work anymore for a large number of ports.
> I get 
> ====>> [05] Finished build of www/mod_fastcgi: Ignored: is marked as
> broken: : Error from apache22 is installed (or
> APACHE_PORT is defined) and port requires apache 
> in this case.
> How do I specify it these days?

APACHE_PORT=            www/apache22-worker-mpm
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      apache=2.2

best regards,
Lukasz Wasikowski

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