Credit Enhancement and Proof of Funds.

Kamaruddin M. mukama57 at
Fri Nov 7 22:00:22 UTC 2014

Dear Esteemed Clients,
Many of you have already benefited from the credit enhancement and proof of
funds product services we have been providing since 2006.
Our personal and historic relationships with each of these institutions we
collaborate with will ensure timely, affordable, and professional service
which most of you can testify.
Our November 2014 List of available Bank Facilities are:
.         Bank to Bank Phone/E-mail/Fax Verification
.         Hard Copy Courier and Electronic Documentation
.         Account Statement
.         Proof of Funds Letter
.         Ready Willing Able Letter
.         Bank Comfort Letter
.         SWIFT MT199/799/999/103 messaging (additional charges may apply)
.         Blocked Funds/Reserved Funds MT199/799/999/760 (additional charges
may apply)
Funding through bank instruments is ideal for financing small and large
project. It is a viable and powerful alternative to bank funding and has
become a valuable tool when banks and conventional funding fall short.
Rather than locating an instrument and then looking for a lender who will
fund it, the entire process can be handled at once. We can provide the bank
instrument and have it monetized through our sources. You can have the
funding for your project within 14 bank days.
Are you still looking for funding without success?
If you need Venture Capital, Commercial Finance, Expansion Capital or
Start-up Capital: We have access to the investors and funds you need.
Please if you are interested in the offer or know someone who might be
interested, let me know so that we can discuss the business opportunities
Best Regards,
Kamaruddin Muhammad

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