[Bug 124375] security/heimdal: www/mod_auth_kerb doesn't compile against heimdal in ports

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The problem is when you use the heimdal port. Heimdal 1.5.2 in ports, being a
later version, doesn't have the same include files and libraries that the base 
system heimdal has.  Fortunately most ports that require heimdal can build from
either the base or heimdal port; except where the port maintainer only
considers the use case of heimdal from base, as in this case.

And yes, I'm deliberately overwriting heimdal in the base system but that is
largely incidental for this issue with mod_auth_kerb2.  Fortunately someone
lost in antiquity made the good decision to make available & use HEIMDAL_HOME
in addition to PREFIX.

As I recall I had a useful discussion with Timur, I think, about the
tasks/steps needed to get heimdal port consistently integrated with other
ports. Quite a few maintainers make a pretty good effort eg
security/cyrus-sasl2-gssapi/ or net/samba36, and by consistent I mean across
more ports that check for and make similar decisions.  I'd be happy to share if
interested & have time?

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