Mass cleansing of Apache module POLA violations

Łukasz Wąsikowski lukasz at
Mon Jun 2 17:29:36 UTC 2014

W dniu 2014-06-02 19:25, Mark Felder pisze:

> I have a request. With my sysadmin hat on, I find maintaining Apache on
> FreeBSD to be the most frustrating Apache experience on the planet. Some
> Apache modules insert LoadModule into your httpd.conf automatically,
> some insert with it commented out (#LoadModule), and some tell you in
> pkg-message what you need to do to activate the module. The
> inconsistency here is embarrassing.


> If we can come up with a standardized mechanism I will *gladly* assist
> in testing and fixing all ... 101 or so Apache modules so we have some
> sort of consistency here.

+1 to that. I can help with testing too.

best regards
Lukasz Wasikowski

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