Fwd: Re: apr / freebsd

Mark Felder feld at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jan 3 04:22:42 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014, at 8:46, krichy at cflinux.hu wrote:
> Dear apache maintainers,
> I've found an issue with mod_fcgid on FreeBSD 9. I had /tmp cleaning 
> enabled in my box, and mod_fcgid had chosen a lockfile under /tmp, which 
> after some time was removed,
> and the whole httpd process stopped working from that time. I made some 
> tests, and found that SYSV serialization could also be used, does not 
> need a temp file, and avoids this issue.
> Now I worked around with my local /etc/make.conf as this:
> # devel/apr1
> .if ${.CURDIR:M*ports/devel/apr1}
> .endif
> But maybe this could be applied to the port globally. Or any other 
> workarounds?
> Regards,

I can't comment on what is the correct solution, but I'm wondering if
/tmp is the right directory for that lock file in the first place. Is it
not common for Linux distros to be more aggressive about cleaning /tmp?
I thought FreeBSD was rather conservative in this respect. 

hier(7) says /var/tmp is "temporary files that are kept between system
reboots".  Perhaps ports that have lock files that shouldn't be touched
by automated processes should really be kept in /var/tmp? (The cleanvar
rc script doesn't touch /var/tmp, fyi)

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