Patch for devel/apr1

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Mon Feb 24 16:45:12 UTC 2014

+--On 24 février 2014 20:19:21 +0400 Eygene Ryabinkin <rea at>
|> I've just committed a patch to[1] so that it tells
|> you you are using an old way and should update.
| Well, while this can have its own merits, it is a way too many POLA
| changes and sudden hickups (iconv in base, this change, ld's
| --add-needed change) that make me to collide my head and the
| table/wall.

I would consider it POLA if we added a warning eight months ago and removed
support seven months ago.

You've had eight months to update, and now, I'm adding a warning telling
you that you should update, I'm even giving you the correct way to do it.

| As the admin of the large pile of FreeBSD resources I should say that
| it became terribly hard to upgrade ports when one uses source-based
| approach with fine tuning.  Sorry, can't help to mention all this.

If you maintain a large pile of FreeBSD machines, you should really switch
to binary packages. I know for $WORK I've gone that way, it's so much
better to just run pkg upgrade, and get back a minute or two later with 200
ports updated.

If the stock binary packages don't meet your needs, install
ports-mgmt/poudriere on a solid box and build your own packages.


Mathieu Arnold

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