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Allan Jude freebsd at allanjude.com
Sun Nov 10 20:38:24 UTC 2013

On 2013-11-10 15:36, olli hauer wrote:
> On 2013-11-09 03:34, Allan Jude wrote:
>> Attached is a proposed patch for Mk/bsd.default-versions.mk
>> Currently, perl, python, ruby and tcl are supported
>> The patch adds support for apache, fpc, mysql, pgsql, and php
>> Users can specify in /etc/make.conf
>> DEFAULT_VERSIONS=     perl5=5.18 ruby=2.0 php=5.3 mysql=55p
>> and change the default version of php from lang/php5 to lang/php53
>> and mysql from database/mysql55-server to database/perconba55-server
>> etc.
>> The apache part of the patch might also consider deprecating the
>> APACHE_PORT make.conf variable.
>> Using the 'old way' produces a warning the same way it does for ruby,
>> perl etc.
> I'm reviewing the apache part, at the first look it seems OK, at the second
> it seems to overwrites the version check logic by always assigning
> the default version regardless if the default version is fine for the port.
That might be a mistake on my part, although with the original code, I
couldn't get it to ever use anything except apache22 no matter what I
did, so it might have been broken before the patch too

Allan Jude

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