Hans Ottevanger hans at beastielabs.net
Fri Mar 15 15:01:03 UTC 2013

On 03/13/13 14:10, Hans Ottevanger wrote:
> On 03/06/13 17:16, Cy Schubert wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone mind if I commit this? We can worry about updating the various 
>> apache modules in ports to apache24 at a later date but at least this is a 
>> start. It should give folks a chance to play with it and allow us to move 
>> forward with migrating the various modules in ports to apache 2.4.
> [ Longish patches snipped ]
> First of all, I applaud your initiative to provide a port for Apache
> 2.4.x. I have seen people asking for it since Apache 2.4 appeared about
> a year ago and I think it will really help FreeBSD to keep at least some
> credibility as a platform for web servers in the near future.
> I intended to give your patches a spin on several versions of FreeBSD
> these days, but your files have quite a few long lines that appear to
> get folded in the email, and it appears to be not completely trivial to
> reconstruct the originals. Could you please resend them as text
> attachment, or maybe put them up for download somewhere?
> Kind regards,
> Hans Ottevanger

Hi Cy,

I applied the patch to bsd.apache.mk provided in your original message
and installed the shell archive that I received from you in private
email on a 8.3-STABLE i386 system (r248102) and get the following result:

[root at beastie /usr/ports/www/apache24]# make
===>  apache24-2.4.4 At least one MPM must be selected..
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/www/apache24.

If I run make config and add MPM_EVENT and MPM_PREFORK I can build and
install the port but it fails to start with this in

[Fri Mar 15 15:17:11.631303 2013] [core:crit] [pid 23518:tid 676335936]
AH00136: Server MUST relinquish startup privileges before accepting
connections.  Please ensure mod_unixd or other system security module is
AH00016: Configuration Failed

When I rerun make config to add USERD I can rebuild and reinstall and
can even start without problems. I did not do any more intensive
testing, but at least pages are being served in this way 8-)

I am seeing similar behavior on a 9.1-STABLE amd64 system.

As an aside: do you really intend to make mod_lua default, thus dragging
in the lua-5.1.5 port as a dependency, also for users that do not need

And are you aware of two other Apache 2.4 ports floating around? See:




Kind regards,

Hans Ottevanger

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