Port devel/apr1 update?

Terry Kennedy TERRY at tmk.com
Mon Jul 1 08:17:39 UTC 2013

  In the process of tracking down a problem with a commercial product, I
was trying the latest versions of Apache, PHP, etc. and one of the things
I came across was that the versions in the devel/apr1 port are a little

APR_VERSION=    1.4.6
APU_VERSION=    1.4.1

  http://apr.apache.org/ has those as 1.4.8 and 1.5.2, respectively. I
built those versions by tweaking the port's Makefile and removing both
patches as they didn't apply cleanly (1 file-not-found, 1 failed). It
seems to work.

  So, I figured I'd ask if there's a reason the versions in the devel/
apr1 port are few versions back.

        Terry Kennedy             http://www.tmk.com
        terry at tmk.com             New York, NY USA

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