Fixes for apr-util's FreeTDS driver

Olli Hauer ohauer at
Wed Jan 2 23:18:59 UTC 2013

> On 02.01.2013 17:12, Olli Hauer wrote:
>> Hi Mikhail,
>> patch applies clean on our current devel/apr1 port (apr-util-1.4.1).
>> Maybe the patch finds more notice upstream if shaped against the current apr-util-1.5.1?
>> Do you have also a patch for apr-util-1.5.1 available?
> I'm pretty sure, it will apply just as well against 1.5 -- the driver has not 
> changed in years. As currently shipped it is badly broken because the dbd/driver 
> API changed (years ago!) and the FreeTDS-driver only got updated to allow it to 
> /compile/ (but not /work/).

You are right (just done a quick diff)

> The drag is in that very few people use Sybase with Apache -- the products are 
> from two different worlds, so to speak... My client happens to (still) use 
> Vignette for their web-publishing (and Vignette uses Sybase as its own backend), 
> so that's why they were interested -- but it is a rare case...

Back in 2002/3 I was happy to shutdown a product which used Sybase
(application crashed, connection not closed clean so lic. for next client not freed up ...)

Maybe the user who send in the apr_pcalloc diff is also interested and can confirm your patch

>> I hope the FreeBSD ports infrastructure is full back in near time so an expr-run with
>> the current apr-util can be done.
> This would be new functionality so I doubt, an expr-run is warranted...
>> Which FreeTDS port should be used as dependency ?

I was thinking about apr-util-1.5.x, was not related to your patch more about the time frame for a commit.

>> $> grep -i ^freetds /usr/ports/INDEX-8 | cut -d\| -f -
>> freetds-0.64_8,1|/usr/ports/databases/freetds
>> freetds-devel-0.91_3,1|/usr/ports/databases/freetds-devel
>> freetds-msdblib-0.64_8,1|/usr/ports/databases/freetds-msdblib

> I think, it should LIB_DEPEND on sybdb with the databases/freetds used by 
> default. If the system already has -lsybdb installed by any other port, then it 
> can use that.

Ok, will do some test builds at the weekend on 8.3/9.1 (amd64).


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