www/apache22 and devel/apr1 circular dependency

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.org
Tue Sep 20 17:44:29 UTC 2011

"Philip M. Gollucci" said:

>Thats not correct, you missed an updating entry.

I followed these instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING:

| 20100518:
|   AFFECTS: users of devel/apr0, devel/apr1, www/apache20, www/apache22
|   AUTHOR: pgollucci at FreeBSD.org
|   devel/apr port has been renamed to devel/apr1.
|   WITH_APR_FROM_PORTS=yes for www/apache22 has been dissolved and may be
|   removed from your configuration files; devel/apr1 is always used now.
|   Please manually delete apache-2.\* if installed _before_ updating
| using
|   either portmaster or portupgrade:
|         pkg_delete -f apache-2.\*
|   Then, if you use portmaster:
|         portmaster -o devel/apr1 devel/apr
|   If you use portupgrade:
|         portupgrade -f -o devel/apr1 devel/apr
|   Finally, reinstall Apache port if you deleted it earlier and update
| ports as
|   usual (`XX' below is either 20 or 22):
|         portinstall www/apacheXX

These instructions don't work for me; I can't install devel/apr1 or

There are no other relevant entries in our /usr/ports/UPGRADING.

>See the apache@ mail archives for NUMEROUS posts on this.  copious even.

I spent a considerable amount of time searching this morning and found
nothing remotely helpful.

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