FreeBSD port(s) you maintain which are currently vulnerable

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Sep 3 12:27:26 UTC 2011


According to the latest portaudit database the following ports are
currently vulnerable. You maintain one or more of these ports. Please
consider one of the following courses of action:

1. Removing the port
2. Fixing the port
3. Allowing it to be returned to the ports at maintainer pool
so that another interested party can take over maintenance of it.

If I haven't heard back from you in 1 week I plan to mark the port
FORBIDDEN with an expiration date of 2011-09-30.

To see how the port is vulnerable you can install ports-mgmt/portaudit,
run (as root) 'portaudit -Fa', then cd into the directory of the
affected port and run 'portaudit -C'.





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