IPv6 broken with Apache 2.2.19

Nick Rosier nick.rosier at gmail.com
Wed May 25 15:49:47 UTC 2011

Since the upgrade from Apache 2.2.17 to 2.2.19 I'm unable to get IPv6
to work; I keep getting following error:

# grep Listen httpd.conf
Listen x.x.x.x:80
Listen [2001:x:x:x:x::1]:80

# apachectl -t
[Wed May 25 17:18:18 2011] [crit] (OS 1)Unknown host: alloc_listener:
failed to set up sockaddr for [2001:x:x:x:x::1]
Syntax error on line 41 of /usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf:
Listen setup failed

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


 # pkg_info | grep apr
apr-ipv6-devrandom-gdbm-db42- Apache Portability Library

/usr/ports/devel/apr1 # make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for
     THREADS=on "Enable Threads in apr"
     IPV6=on "Enable IPV6 Support in apr"
     BDB=on "Enable Berkley BDB support in apr-util"
     GDBM=on "Enable GNU dbm support in apr-util"
     LDAP=off "Enable LDAP support in apr-util"
     MYSQL=off "Enable MySQL suport in apr-util"
     NDBM=off "Enable NDBM support in apr-util"
     PGSQL=off "Enable Postgresql suport in apr-util"
     SQLITE=off "Enable SQLite3 support in apr-util"
     DEVRANDOM=on "Use /dev/random or compatible in apr"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

/usr/ports/www/apache22 # make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for apache-2.2.19:
     THREADS=on "Enable threads support in APR"
     MYSQL=off "Enable MySQL support for apr-dbd"
     PGSQL=off "Enable PostgreSQL support for apr-dbd"
     SQLITE=off "Enable SQLite support for apr-dbd"
     IPV6=on "Enable IPv6 support"
     BDB=off "Enable BerkeleyDB dbm"
     AUTH_BASIC=on "Enable mod_auth_basic"
     AUTH_DIGEST=on "Enable mod_auth_digest"
     AUTHN_FILE=on "Enable mod_authn_file"
     AUTHN_DBD=off "Enable mod_authn_dbd"
     AUTHN_DBM=on "Enable mod_authn_dbm"
     AUTHN_ANON=on "Enable mod_authn_anon"
     AUTHN_DEFAULT=on "Enable mod_authn_default"
     AUTHN_ALIAS=on "Enable mod_authn_alias"
     AUTHZ_HOST=on "Enable mod_authz_host"
     AUTHZ_GROUPFILE=on "Enable mod_authz_groupfile"
     AUTHZ_USER=on "Enable mod_authz_user"
     AUTHZ_DBM=on "Enable mod_authz_dbm"
     AUTHZ_OWNER=on "Enable mod_authz_owner"
     AUTHZ_DEFAULT=on "Enable mod_authz_default"
     CACHE=on "Enable mod_cache"
     DISK_CACHE=on "Enable mod_disk_cache"
     FILE_CACHE=on "Enable mod_file_cache"
     MEM_CACHE=off "Enable mod_mem_cache"
     DAV=on "Enable mod_dav"
     DAV_FS=on "Enable mod_dav_fs"
     BUCKETEER=off "Enable mod_bucketeer"
     CASE_FILTER=off "Enable mod_case_filter"
     CASE_FILTER_IN=off "Enable mod_case_filter_in"
     EXT_FILTER=off "Enable mod_ext_filter"
     LOG_FORENSIC=off "Enable mod_log_forensic"
     OPTIONAL_HOOK_EXPORT=off "Enable mod_optional_hook_export"
     OPTIONAL_HOOK_IMPORT=off "Enable mod_optional_hook_import"
     OPTIONAL_FN_IMPORT=off "Enable mod_optional_fn_import"
     OPTIONAL_FN_EXPORT=off "Enable mod_optional_fn_export"
     LDAP=off "Enable mod_ldap"
     AUTHNZ_LDAP=off "Enable mod_authnz_ldap"
     ACTIONS=on "Enable mod_actions"
     ALIAS=on "Enable mod_alias"
     ASIS=on "Enable mod_asis"
     AUTOINDEX=on "Enable mod_autoindex"
     CERN_META=on "Enable mod_cern_meta"
     CGI=on "Enable mod_cgi"
     CHARSET_LITE=on "Enable mod_charset_lite"
     DBD=off "Enable mod_dbd"
     DEFLATE=on "Enable mod_deflate"
     DIR=on "Enable mod_dir"
     DUMPIO=on "Enable mod_dumpio"
     ENV=on "Enable mod_env"
     EXPIRES=on "Enable mod_expires"
     HEADERS=on "Enable mod_headers"
     IMAGEMAP=on "Enable mod_imagemap"
     INCLUDE=on "Enable mod_include"
     INFO=on "Enable mod_info"
     LOG_CONFIG=on "Enable mod_log_config"
     LOGIO=on "Enable mod_logio"
     MIME=on "Enable mod_mime"
     MIME_MAGIC=on "Enable mod_mime_magic"
     NEGOTIATION=on "Enable mod_negotiation"
     REWRITE=on "Enable mod_rewrite"
     SETENVIF=on "Enable mod_setenvif"
     SPELING=on "Enable mod_speling"
     STATUS=on "Enable mod_status"
     UNIQUE_ID=on "Enable mod_unique_id"
     USERDIR=on "Enable mod_userdir"
     USERTRACK=on "Enable mod_usertrack"
     VHOST_ALIAS=on "Enable mod_vhost_alias"
     FILTER=on "Enable mod_filter"
     SUBSTITUTE=off "Enable mod_substitute"
     VERSION=on "Enable mod_version"
     PROXY=off "Enable mod_proxy"
     PROXY_CONNECT=off "Enable mod_proxy_connect"
     PATCH_PROXY_CONNECT=off "Patch proxy_connect SSL support"
     PROXY_FTP=off "Enable mod_proxy_ftp"
     PROXY_HTTP=off "Enable mod_proxy_http"
     PROXY_AJP=off "Enable mod_proxy_ajp"
     PROXY_BALANCER=off "Enable mod_proxy_balancer"
     PROXY_SCGI=off "Enable mod_proxy_scgi"
     SSL=on "Enable mod_ssl"
     SUEXEC=on "Enable mod_suexec"
     SUEXEC_RSRCLIMIT=off "SuEXEC rlimits based on login class"
     REQTIMEOUT=on "Enable mod_reqtimeout"
     CGID=on "Enable mod_cgid"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

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