How to build mod_substitute from apache22 port?

Christian Marg marg at
Wed Aug 4 08:16:04 UTC 2010


I'm setting up a reverse proxy on FreeBSD using Apache22. Now I found 
out that the FreeBSD Port doesn't build mod_substitute by default and 
that there is no (visible) knob to enable building it.

How should I go on and build the Module - keeping it available during 
Portupgrade (i.e. no manual build...)?

I'm not quite comfortable with using "WITHOUT_APACHE_OPTIONS", since it 
would disable all the "freebsd port magic" and leave me with selecting 
all the right modules and stuff - but I only want to add mod_substitute...

I also tried
/usr/ports/www/apache22# make WITH_MODULES="substitute"
but mod_substitute wasn't built - probably because "WITH_MODULES" is 
ignored while "WITHOUT_APACHE_OPTIONS" isn't defined...

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