problem with www/apache22 port

Szilveszter Adam sziszi at
Sun Aug 1 20:51:50 UTC 2010

Hello everybody,

I am new on this list, so please excuse me if this question belongs more
on -ports.

I have noticed a weird thing with the latest upgrade of the www/apache22
port (to 2.2.16). I am running -CURRENT (r210668) on i386 and using
apache has been very smooth so far.

However, during the most recent upgrade I have noticed that two modules
that are enabled by default (cgi and filter) did not build. I suspected
a build failure at first, but to my surprise it turned out that they
were simply disabled during compilation, even though 1) they are enabled
by default and 2) I have explicitly enabled them using the OPTIONS. I
have tried to run configure from the WRKDIR directly, and then the two
modules were enabled as expected.

So, I have started to investigate a bit and have found out that during
the processing of, a list of modules to be built with the
port is built and placed into the _APACHE_MODULES variable. At the same
time, all modules that are explicitly disabled get listed in the
WITHOUT_MODULES variable. After this, the contents of _APACHE_MODULES
get filtered through the list in WITHOUT_MODULES in order to weed out
any that may have been accidentally enabled and disabled at the same
time. The remaining modules are then placed in the APACHE_MODULES
variable and passed to configure.

Interestingly enough, the _APACHE_MODULES and the WITHOUT_MODULES
variables were correctly reflecting my configuration choices, but by the
time the APACHE_MODULES variable got populated, the cgi and the filter
modules were gone from the list. (Along with cache, which is also on by

Now my question: Has anyone seen anything like this recently? Any tips
what may be going on here?

Thanks for any pointers!

Szilveszter ADAM

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