Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at freebsd.org
Fri Jun 12 20:29:41 UTC 2009

Mel Flynn wrote:
> I certainly welcome this change as 99% of my installs already have 
> WITH_APR_FROM_PORTS, however 2 things:
> - Instead of "(beware!)" one would probably want "(preferred!)" for the 
> APR_FROM_PORTS knob real soon now, while these changes are in the queue.
Thats an easy change I'll make it on or before monday.
It might be better to make that the new default too.

> - It would help to have some documentation somewhere that lists what of the 
> apr modules are required for what software, so that one can make the right 
> decision for the apr port.
Well thats kind of involved..... suggestions welcome.

> For example, subversion wants threads and bdb, if you need DBD/postgresql 
> support in apache, you need apr with postgresql (? I think) etc.
That part of the beauty. Now that devel/apr honors ports KNOBS (since january)
the WITH_BDB etc will cary over when you build ports.

None of this DEPENDS_ARGS crap so the default www/apache2x and www/apr would 
match by default.  If you build your own custom packages it still works.

So in /etc/make.conf

will DWIM.

Without the change, www/apache20 has to support an large number of 
combinations of how to do stuff relating to apr et al.

I forgot got mention it, so I'll mention it now
I feel similarly for pcre and WITH_PCRE_FROM_PORTS

Another benefit is security. We had to change devel/apr, www/apache2* for the
recent apr-util CVE.  Had we already converted, only devel/apr would have 
needed to change and since nearly everything using apr uses shared not static 
libs you wouldn't have even needed to rebuid www/apache2*

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